Respawn and invulnerability

Tutorial by Luca Bordoni
This tutorial is oriented to AGD programmers who are already involved in a project; it’s suggested to read & learn the AGD official documentation first.
A common question while developing AGD games: “if my sprite dies, i’d like to let the respawn in the exact death point, and the player shouldn’t be killed for few seconds after coming back to life”.
The solution: working ...


AGD character set

Tutorial by Luca Bordoni
This page is oriented to AGD newbies, some arguments could sound obvious to experienced programmers.
The first AGD option is about the character set, that is a tool to modify every single character easily. However, many users would like to load an external file, by pressing “L” from the AGD character set menu.

Memory specifications
The ZX Spectrum character-set has 96 characters, 8 bytes each, that is a total ...


AGD menu for newbies

Tutorial by Luca Bordoni – simple and advanced method
A frequent request from AGD enthusiasts is the making of a custom menu in order to bring a professional feeling to their project.
This tutorial deals with those progressive steps:
1 – create a simple menu using directly the AGD commands;
2 – analysis of the AGD auto-generated Basic loader;
3 – create a menu with flashing selections through a custom Basic loader;
4 – ...